MishCatt EP


I came across MishCatt in a Spotify playlist that was randomly selected during an attempt to galvanize myself into sorting through an epic dirty laundry mountain. Having done a quick Google I’m surprised to find that MishCatt has very little in the way of publicity; I mean, I’m not even sure of her real name, let alone if I’ve found her correct Instagram account (@mishcattmusic is that you?). All I’ve ascertained is that she hails from Costa Rica and possibly maybe could have once been in a band called Patterns. I’m hoping that more information comes to light because her EP, released March this year, is just KICK-ARSE (I’m British). An up-beat, kaleidoscopic punch-in-the-air of electro-pop, it’s the sonic mixture that my female-pop-artist-dreams are made of: a touch of La Roux-esque vocals, a pinch of Marina & the Diamonds’ theatricality and some of Robyn’s head-bopping electro-beats (over-did it on the hyphens). Fingers crossed we hear more from this elusive new pop femme!

P.S. Someone please let me know if I’m missing the obvious. She has 2 million monthly Spotify listeners, how can I not even find one online review?

* UPDATE * I am happy to announce that I have discovered MishCatt’s true identity! Earlier today I came across this Costa Rican newspaper article and am thanking that good ol’ Spanish degree I’ve got for allowing me to read about the 26-year-old Michelle González who left Patterns to move to Sweden and commence her solo career under the stage name MishCatt!


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