Etta Bond x Raf Riley ‘Meds’


I’m sad to say that I’ve only just come across this collaboration between singer-songwriter Etta Bond and producer Raf Riley. The album ‘Meds’ was released in 2014 and is a fun and fierce record that covers the every day of sex, online fandom, body image and the complexities of love. Somehow the contrast between Etta’s silky-smooth vocals and Raf Riley’s rapping – that has something of a Fresh Prince sound to it – works. I particularly love ‘Loophole’, with its funky production that pays tribute to hip-hop’s golden age and the in-your-face final track ‘Big Girl’s Vogue’ wherein Etta’s voice aggressively advocates body-acceptance: “if I’m hungry then I’ll fucking eat, some may like the body of a model some prefer it when it wobbles”. ‘Meds’ is a treat for your ears, give this one a listen!


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