Death Team ‘Gold’


If you haven’t already heard of Death Team, first go check out their single + video for ‘Dolphin Style’ and then return. Okay! Musicians Mayka Edd and Johen Rafael Tilli hail from the extremely on-trend-in-the-music-world country of Sweden and I can only accurately describe their sound a type of music-based Positivity Activism; with tongue-in-cheek songs such as ‘Bitches in the Hood’ and the super catchy ‘Dolphin Style’ encouraging us to “save the ocean”, they truly live up to their claim of making “hipster mainstream pop to raise money for the ocean”. Refreshingly, Death Team has a lot of direct interaction with their fans and you can tell that they truly value their followers: Death Team really does love you!

‘Gold’ is their latest release from December 2014 and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s slick and bouncy with a piano riff that’ll have you stop your writing that blog post to dance around your bedroom in your pajamas. Or tapping your toes at the very least.


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