Wild Belle, ‘Dreamland’


I first came across Wild Belle in 2014 when the album ‘Isles’ became a remedy for my, at the time, painfully broken heart. With lyrics such as, “all you can do is pleasure and money…you never told me you were as cold as ice” and “I got a lover, he puts the shine in the sun”, the album struck me as both a defiant middle finger up at and warm embrace of the chaos that embodies romantic relationships and their demise.

Earlier this month Chicago-based siblings Natalie and Elliot Bergman released their latest album, ‘Dreamland’. Whilst characteristically retaining focus on the themes of love and loss, the record  offers up a broader – and perhaps less introspective – scope of sounds and themes, evoking the image of a romantic, Wild-West “dreamland” through song titles such as “Missippippi River” and “Coyotes”, as well as via a repeated two-note vocal melody in ‘Throw Down Your Guns’ that clearly pays homage to the theme song in the 1966 classic, ‘The Good, The Bad and the Ugly’.

A sophisticated evolution from their previous work, ‘Dreamland’ is certainly best heard in its entirety to reap the full reward.



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