‘Crawl Space’, Tei Shi


Tei Shi’s debut album ‘Crawl Space’, is a seductive, free-flowing musical narrative with an emotional depth and polish that is only really hinted at in her previous work.

Interspersed with voice recordings from her childhood, that sensuous impression of flow is reflected in both instrumentation and theme. The idea of freedom and movement – of running, swimming, distance –  appears to struggle with its counterparts – constraint and inhibition – throughout the album. This, along with the compelling vulnerability of Tei Shi’s voice, makes for an intriguing body of work that is only fully appreciated when heard in its entirety.

Highlights include the darkly charged sounds of ‘Justify’ and ‘Crawl’, as well as the singer-songwriter’s homage to her South American roots, ‘Como Si’, containing that most gently-sung and melancholic line: ‘pasan los dias, pesan las noches’.

The slow-growing energy and depth that Tei Shi crafts in this unaffected work is well worth your ear time. Have a listen below.


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