‘Hard Times’, Paramore


I am INSANELY excited about the new music coming from Paramore, an insanity that surprised me and perhaps the people that know me (nat really, no one cares about my music tastes ha ha).

I’ll be honest, in the past my interest in Paramore extended as far as headbanging alone in my room to ‘Misery Business’ and basically all of the single releases from Riot and All We Know is Falling that happened to catch my ear. That was until 2013 when their self-titled album had me hooked on every single, unfalteringly catchy song.

So having watched – and thoroughly danced to – the 80s-infused music video for the equally shoulder-padded rock-pop collision that is ‘Hard Times’ I am more than ready for their new album which will be released next week. It looks to be yet another stylistic evolution for the band but, as always, Williams’ voice will give it its undeniable Paramore identity.

Check out the music video; I defy you not to feel a little bit liberated from your society-rooted woes while you listen.


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