‘Doing Me’, RAY BLK


Whilst I don’t know everything, I do know that most people in the Western world are currently looking for things that express some kind of life-affirming truth to get us through difficult times. If that’s you, then I recommend turning up RAY BLK’s ‘Doing Me’, a bouncy, sun-drenched track with throwback 90s hip-hop beats and an undeniably London vibe.

This song is a straight-forward celebration of self-love and -expression that feels particularly pertinent for a youth culture that is getting more and more homogenised the more and more it buys into social media’s neatly labelled version of life. Don’t get me wrong, the internet is great, but social networks have done more to crop out our individuality than any other preceding  widespread social phenomena in modern Britain.

Anyway. ‘Doing Me’ is well worth a listen. It’s another one of those songs that reminds you that, basically, society is bullshit, so don’t waste time paying it much heed. And personally I don’t think we can hear that message enough.


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